Appearances and Interviews

What’s it all about?

Reinvention and Collaboration can lead to Happier. Here is a chat with the host of “Beyond Retirement”, Jacquie Doucette.

John Jaramillo and I had so much fun sharing ideas, that this Book Leads podcast went way over the hour! Hope you enjoy listening as much as we loved chatting about leadership, books, setting and reaching goals but with a solid foundation of what really matters in the big picture of your life:


I spoke with John Harper on 4/11/22, for the Drew Mariani show on Relevant Radio. This is an Interfaith take on Happier Made Simple, through the lens of this popular Catholic National Radio Network.

Here’s a short video interview to explain the Core Concepts and Phrases of Happier Made Simple™. (interview date launch day 2/23/22)


So much fun to be a guest on The Best of Our Knowledge, with Bob Barrett of WAMC!

“What makes you happy? It’s a question that has an unlimited number of answers. But the real question should probably be what makes you happier? That’s the one that Randye Kaye asks in her new book called “Happier Made Simple – Choose Your Words, Change Your Life.” In the book she asks questions and offers some guidance not to find total happiness…but to find ways to find a bit of happier.”

You can listen in here:

Before I cemented the final title on the book, I was interviewed by Tracee Gluhaith for her High Energy Girl podcast. Click on the image, then hit Play to hear it. Enjoy!


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