Hindsight Resolutions: What Got Done in 2021?

What Got Done is Also Who You Are!

Happy New Year! If you feel like you’ve already let yourself down by not yet making any Resolutions for 2022, you can opt to give yourself a break.

How? Just decide not to make any resolutions this year. Instead, take a look back and see how 2021 played out for you. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you accomplished – or at least survived – in the last 12 months.

Yay, you! Pat yourself on the back.

For inspiration, take a look at your calendar, and some photos, of the past year. Then answer these two questions:

  1. What got done in 2021? This is the place for things you accomplished, even (maybe especially) if you just went with the flow and took a spontaneous shot. It could be anything, from finally replacing the toaster to earning a PhD. If you feel proud (or relieved) it counts! This list is more proactive – life didn’t force it upon you. You created the change.
  2. What challenges did you meet/survive/learn from in 2021? Here is where you give yourself credit for getting through the stuff life threw at you this past year. We all get a free square for living through another year of Covid.
  3. If you rewrote (or wrote) your 2021 resolutions now, with the hindsight of what actually happened, how cool would you look?

If, at least, sometimes, life is what happens while we are making other plans, then what does your personal history have to teach you?

Share your top three items in the comments! (just click the bubble next to this article’s title)

Be proud! You are a rock star.

PS – want examples? Here’s my partial list: (many in partnership with other humans since that’s how I roll best). Most of these would not have been resolutions a year ago. Life happens.

  1.  Accomplishments 2021
    1. Finished writing Happier Made Simple book, and created some products to go with. Will be available soon!
    2. Launched a podcast, Schizophrenia: 3 Moms in the Trenches. Almost 20,000 downloads so far and still going strong. We hope it’s helping.
    3. Grew vegetables – enough to eat! (still learning)
    4. Spent more time outside
  2. Challenges met –
    1. Covid – vaccinated and masked, and so far so good
    2. Got through root canal and a hamstring injury
    3. narrated over 20 audiobooks
    4. First overnight vacation with three preschool grandkids



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