In a Word: New Year Changes Made Simple

Bah! Humbug! to New Year’s Resolutions.

I mean, seriously, have they ever really worked for you? If so, then you are a stellar human being and – seriously – I applaud you.

So this is for the rest of us.

what's yours for the new year?

what’s yours for the new year?

Simple instructions: pick one word to focus on in 2017. (Come on, you can do it!. Write it down, in your own handwriting, and place it where you can see it. And see what happens this year.

I don’t wanna pre-judge your word, but I find it’s best to pick an active verb, something that can translate into action when you it spires you – otherwise the magic can’t really happen as well. It kind of pays there like a dead fish.

Words like: dream, hope, believe…they’re nice and all, but rather inward-focused and passive.

On the other hand, what happens when you:

  • Share?
  • Hug?
  • Finish?
  • Simplify?
  • Organize?
  • Upgrade?
  • Weed? 
  • Focus?
  • Listen?

Feel the difference?

 These verbs lead you to action, toward an item or a person…and, even without making a list, saying the word to yourself throughout the day can result in some subtle but automatic changes. Maybe you’ll give away those shoes that haven’t ever fit (Simplify. or Give.)  – um, news flash, feet seldom shrink – or maybe you’ll close the ipad at breakfast and make sure you really hear that story your kid is telling you (Listen.) Maybe you’ll find it can be a little bit Zen to empty the dishwasher (Focus. or Finish.)

I don’t know about you, but a little bit of Zen is about all I can handle. It’s meditation for the rest of us, tho ones who glance at the clock ten times during that trial yoga class. But I digress. sigh.

just in case you draw a blank...

just in case you draw a blank…

My word for 2017 is (ta-da!!!!)  DARE. Small things, larger things….fear holds me back. So I could spend hours examining my fear, or I could just remind myself to Dare. The plan is to Dare one thing each day – just jump over the hurdle of my own “yeah, but”s. I have taken this for a December “trial run” and found out 2 facts so far:

  1. If I add the word “TOSS“, it makes more room for “DARE” to happen. and…
  2. Sometimes I don’t have back-up ideas for DARE…so I want to brainstorm an ongoing list – no pressure – in case nothing comes to mind.

Still, so far I have signed up for a Mastermind group I told myself I couldn’t afford, changed eye doctors, and committed to complete my “Happier Made Simple” book by June 2017.

I also bought a little datebook at Target to record my tosses and dares, daily. Okay, a little planning never hurt. But, seriously, if the datebook has empty spots at the end of the year, so what? I think I still will come out ahead, just by seeing what happens with one word. or two.

Toss and Dare. My 2017. So how about you? What’s your word for 2017?

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