Praise from Early Readers

A Year of Living Kindly

“Filled with humor, insight, and a vitalizing honesty, Happier Made Simple reminds us that we always have a choice in how we respond to what life throws our way. Randye Kaye’s welcome voice offers an empowering message and practical strategies for living a life of joy, presence, and connection.” – ~Donna Cameron, author of A Year of Living Kindly: Choices That Will Change Your Life and the World Around You

“Easy to read and with such great insights. This book is absolutely needed. I want to highlight and circle so many things. It’s a gift to the world!” – – Liz de Nesnera, Best of Both Worlds VO


“Randye Kaye’s Happier Made Simple pulls together key insights and strategies from the vast body of research on mindfulness and cognitive psychology to provide concrete, actionable ways to take control of finding your own happiness, with a heavy dose of humility and humor. I will be recommending it particularly to the parents I serve as I believe it promises to be a powerful tool for helping them find more joy and less stress with their young kids. What a gift.” – Claire Lerner, LCSW, child development and parenting expert, and author of Why Is My Child In Charge?


“Randye Kaye has given us a gift, not just of words and phrases, but of a million different ways we can shift our thinking to guide us to being happier.

I love the tidbits, quotes, and action challenges scattered throughout the book. They give the reader something even more specific to focus on and ways to apply her teachings to our everyday moments in life. For the left-brain science types, she gives us facts, research, and some neuroscience confirmation that what she is teaching us is both true, but also helpful for us to understand the WHY of this exercise.

Randye’s sense of humor, her personal stories, and her casual conversational style of writing kept me engaged and wanting more. I feel like I’ve taken a masterclass with a personal instructor who happened to sit next to me at a coffee shop. Luckily, this class is open to anyone who wants to read it!” Monica Leggett, New Steps Life Coaching

“In the 31 years that I have made the Happiness Decision I have read a large number of books on happiness. Happier Made Simple is on the top of my list of must read happiness books. It is packed with how to make the right choices so you can respond to the challenges of life. Randye Kaye has done and outstanding job of presenting tools and strategies that will change your life around for the better!” – Lionel Ketchian, founder of
and Happy U.

“I love the tone of the book – friendly, easygoing, and most importantly easy to read. Not a dull, preachy tome.” – Lon Kirschner, Creative Director and Designer

“To read Randye Kaye is to know Randye Kaye. She is truly a wordsmith, both written

Saving Melissa

and spoken. Her personality flows through her prose and gives the impression of a friendly conversation over a glass of wine.” – Mike Mackniak, author, Saving Melissa


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