The Five Phrases to Ignore, for a Happier Life

Advertising is everywhere. Every day we’re bombarded by images and words that suggest – gently or insistently – that our lives suck. Or we suck. Or at least, that things could be a lot better, and why the heck are we sitting around just enjoying the day?

Well, yeah. Things could always be better, I guess. Of course, they could also be worse. But with everything that urges us to see our glass as far from even half-full, how do we stay positive?


magazine cover now


magazine cover of the past

Two simple things to try. One is to spend just one day ignoring advertising. I did this once and was amazed. For instance, avert your eyes from:

  • Billboards (focus on the road, btw. hmmm)
  • TV/radio ads. Fast-forward doesn’t really count, tho it helps. Better yet, turn off the TV for just a day, if you can.
  • Magazine covers. They are big ads for “you suck, open this magazine to get better”.
  • Store windows, on people’s T-shirts, on social media. Ads are everywhere.

A second method is to just Talk Back. The ad phrases can be replaced in our minds (not just deleted) if we are aware of the. Here are five to refute:

Must Have – Other than the essentials of survival, including people to love, there is nothing we “must have”.” Not the latest fashion. Not a hot tub in our homes. Replace this with “Might be nice to have, but I’m OK ”

Anti-Aging– stop the madness! Everyone is aging! And it brings wisdom, experience, and more days to spend with those we love. Plus we shave our legs less often. Every day I “age” is a day I get to kiss my new grandchild. Consider the alternative.

New and Improved – sure, I’m as happy as the next gal to have the miracles of Skype, GPS, and bagless vacuum cleaners – but a new iPhone every 11 weeks? Nah. Can be replaced with “it’s just fine, thanks” – at least until YOU decide on a change.

You’re Worth It –  yes, of course you are! so is your neighbor. and the homeless guy on the corner. A purchase doesn’t confirm worth.

Limited Time Only – or: Sale Ends Sunday. or whatever. Truth: there will always be another sale. The magazine article you missed will appear again in another form in a few months.

Happy Serenity! – or at least closer to it 🙂

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